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Become a barefoot tree

Become a barefoot tree

The world is full of contradictions. An Austrian musician recently announced on his Facebook page that his upcoming concert was sold out, only to then announce one sentence: There are still tickets available at the box office. A Schrödinger concert, so to speak: it’s sold out and still not sold out.

Recently I have been experiencing inconsistencies in my horoscope. As a Pisces person, I’ve been told that my dreams are too big. To compensate, I have to go “barefoot” (how good it is that October is so mild) and imagine myself as a tree (why should I think of Matthias Strolz, he just hugged her?): because of the “strong roots”, which the little dreamer supposedly misses. But “Magician Pluto” is currently “completely static” (do dwarf planets ever stand still?), which is why my fantasies are now becoming reality more easily. So I dream a lot, but since Pluto is not orbiting now, everything is coming true. Kindly!

When I rarely fall into the horoscope page as I did recently (that’s right, I was at the hairdresser), I of course always read the horoscopes for all the zodiac signs to see if the moons and planets are more suitable for me. Them (yes, almost always). However, I must tell Scorpios that they are afflicted with a “moon complex of fate” (sounds more dramatic than it is, as you will see): Scorpios encounter a situation “about every 19 years” that requires a “thoughtful yes or no” Lucky! How I would like to say yes or no clearly every 19 years, and not, let’s say, 19 times a day. According to your monthly horoscope for October, Aries, on the other hand, has an emotional range that ranges from enthusiasm to tantrums, on Although I can think of few non-Aries for whom this applies year-round. I liked the daily horoscopes I found online better. With Pisces, it’s enough to “do the basics” (online, your horoscope is based on name 1. Okay, I’ll skip the final insult today! With that in mind: Dream big and run barefoot!

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