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Were Russian soldiers exposed to radiation in Chernobyl?

The mayor of Slavutych, near the devastated Chernobyl nuclear power plant, accuses the Russian military of accepting that its soldiers, who have been in the exclusion zone for weeks, were exposed to radiation. In an interview with the Russian exile mediator Medusa, Yuri Fumichev describes the imminent consequences.

The Russian troops were not “the brightest” if they thought that the Chernobyl crossing was the best “green corridor” for the conquest of Kyiv. The fact that the soldiers remained there for weeks “would have dire consequences for them, because the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone does not forgive such a thing.”

“Breathe radioactive dust for an entire month”

As a marching route, the area was really suitable for Russian troops. But the exclusion zone requires a “special behaviour”. You cannot drive there with heavy vehicles, stir up and inhale all the radioactive dust. “But here’s what they did: They inhaled radioactive dust for an entire month,” says Fumichev.

Modifying a well-known saying, the mayor said: “The Russian forces have left Chernobyl, but Chernobyl will never leave them.”

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