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What cats mean when they say 'Olololol' – phonetics expert explains

What cats mean when they say 'Olololol' – phonetics expert explains

A cat without ears and another with drooping eyelids speaks. Yay internet age! A Swedish phonetics professor explains what the sounds of cats Bangdang and Bo, who chat so animatedly on TikTok and Co, mean.

Two talking cats are currently making the rounds on social media channels. They come from two different families, but both live in China. Each of them makes different sounds that can be interpreted as speech. If two videos of individual cats are edited together and users add dialogue, the two often appear as best friends or as a couple experiencing relationship problems. Most of the time, the cat is identified as female while the so-called male is vying for affection.

“What about you?”
“But you have something.”
“You tricked me yesterday. In my dream.”


“What's wrong again?”
“it's cold here”
“But you wanted to go to Dombai.”
“To Dubai.”

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