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What does the president of the United States earn?  Biden released tax returns

What does the president of the United States earn? Biden released tax returns

Together with his wife Jill, the two made a good income of $610,000 USD in 2021. For Vice President Harris and her husband, the first year in office meant a loss of income.

US President Joe Biden And his wife, Jill, earned just over $610,000 (currently €560,764.85) last year. This is coming out of Biden tax declaration for 2021, which the White House routinely released on Friday. The couple paid a total of about $184,000 in taxes. The government center confirmed that Biden still has tax revenue It is announced by the age of 24.

Spread tax declaration It is part of the political conventions in the United States of the President and other high-ranking politicians. Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump He has always rejected this tradition as president. Trump has long been embroiled in lawsuits related to his financial and tax records, and he goes to great lengths, in a variety of ways, to prevent disclosure of the documents. The “The New York TimesHe had stated in 2020 in the middle of the then presidential election campaign that the Republican had not paid any taxes for years, but Trump denied it.

US Vice President Kamala Harris She and her husband, Doug Imhoff, reported income of about $1.66 million for 2021, according to the White House, as they paid about $700,000 in taxes. The New York Times wrote Friday that income from the sale of a property and from Harris’ memoirs contributed to the two’s income. In 2019, the two earned a total income of nearly $3.3 million. Harris was a senator at the time, and Imhoff had a lucrative job as a lawyer.

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