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In the event of the fall of Mariupol, Zelensky threatens to stop talks with Moscow

In the event of the fall of Mariupol, Zelensky threatens to stop talks with Moscow

According to a media report, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Ukrainian armed forces were almost completely expelled from Mariupol. On Saturday, the RIA news agency quoted a ministry spokesman as saying that some fighters were still trapped in the Azovstal plant. Accordingly, the Ukrainians are said to have lost more than 4,000 military personnel in the besieged port city. The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has threatened to end talks with Moscow if Russia “overthrows” the last Ukrainian forces in the hotly contested port city of Mariupol. That would be a “stalemate” for both sides, Zelensky told the Ukrainska news site on Saturday, because we are not negotiating about our lands or about our people.

The catastrophic humanitarian situation

Mariupol has been under siege since the first days after the Russian invasion on February 24. The city, which once had a population of over 400,000, is now largely destroyed and the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. Silinsky recently spoke of “tens of thousands” of deaths in the siege. He accused Russia again on Saturday of not allowing escape lanes.

Human corridors of Mariupol

He accused Russia again on Saturday of not allowing escape lanes. According to the government, to date, nine humanitarian evacuation corridors have been agreed upon. Accordingly, civilians should be able to leave Mariupol in private cars, among other things, the deputy prime minister said
Irina Vereshuk with. Five lanes are planned in the Luhansk region. According to local authorities, this is under heavy fire.

In the besieged and largely destroyed port city of Mariupol, the fortress was held by Ukrainian soldiers, as did the Ukrainian authorities.
informed. Reuters journalists at the site received a scene of destruction at the strategically important Ilyich steel plant, which Russian forces say they have captured.

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Ukrainian forces surrounded

The Defense Ministry in Moscow said midweek that Russian forces had taken full control of the port of Mariupol. The ministry added that Ukrainian forces were surrounded and “deprived of the opportunity to escape”. On Saturday, the ministry said Ukrainian forces had lost 4,000 soldiers in Mariupol.

On Saturday, Zelensky said the situation was “extremely difficult”. “Frankly, we have no confidence in the Mariupol negotiations.”

Mariupol is located about 55 kilometers from the Russian border and 85 kilometers from the separatist stronghold in Donetsk. It is the largest city between Russia’s annexed Crimea and pro-Russian separatist regions. With the capture of the port city, Russian forces would establish a land link between the two regions and isolate Ukraine from the Sea of ​​Azov.