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What should be in the perfume column just before the holiday

What should be in the perfume column just before the holiday

Why Parfums de Marly has a princely, luxurious DNA and why Neroli is not just Neroli – also from Tom Ford.

The last fragrance column before the summer holidays always contains: a) a note that woods and powders are not in vogue at the moment; b) Warning that fruity fragrances will soon become magnets for insects; c) Believing that citrus-based scents are ideal for hot days. Hurray, you're done! In line with point C), we must add this time how interesting the new (male) fragrance “Perseus” from Parfums de Marly is.

The brand is fascinating in its own right: it was invented by Julian Sprecher, and its namesake is the Château de Marly of Louis Perseus now combines the earthy, woody and bitter notes of vetiver with a refreshing top note of grapefruit. This puts you in a good mood and opens up an exciting space for tension.

Meanwhile, the Tom Ford brand (now without Tom Ford) is relying on a new version of the classic fragrance: “Neroli di Portofino” from the “Private Blend” collection. An evergreen in the world of perfumes, in the new version as a fragrance the orange blossom can be sweeter than before. before. If “Perseus” was a harsh grapefruit thanks to the vetiver, here the original, which was very interesting for its bitter character, has lost some of its crunchy and lumpy quality. I mean, not all Neroli de Portofino fans will enjoy the new fragrance, but there might be a few new fans.

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