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Don't call it a comeback!  “Saturday Night Special” by LL COOL J

Don't call it a comeback! “Saturday Night Special” by LL COOL J

LL COOL J sang “Don't call it a comeback” in 1990 in the song “Mama said knock you out” and also in 2024: “I don't think about my legacy, I'm still making it.”

Written by Natalie Bruner

“I went back to school in terms of songwriting and rapping and being an emcee and touching a mic — those are all the things I think you know,” LL COOL J says in a recent interview. Before he compares himself to a professional athlete, he returns to his training routine.

In this category Strange but true! Surprisingly, 40 years after his rap debut (“I Need a Beat” in 1984), LL COOL J describes himself as a student of the great art of rhyming and still thinks he gets it Very slowly nowWhat is it about? This came in an interview on the occasion of the launch of his new single “Saturday Night Special”.

Q-Tip produced, Rick Ross and Fat Joe were featured. Meet a Neanderthal, says self-confessed LL COOL J fan Mehdi Rahimi.

Ladies Love Cool J has always been a jokester, tongue in cheek but still intelligible in his pronunciation. “Saturday Night Special” does not mean entering a show celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, but rather a small-caliber pistol, which is colloquially called Saturday Night Special in the USA.

What do the hip-hop reading group think of “Saturday Night Special” and the “The Force” album coming out this fall, other than being amazed that LL discovered street rap at 56 years old, praising his leather outfits and enjoying GOAT’s abbreviation and spelling games? You can hear it now/here: