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WhatsApp competitor gets an interesting job: this is how messages are hidden

WhatsApp competitor gets an interesting job: this is how messages are hidden

WhatsApp should wear warm clothes. With the direct competitor of the messenger comes the function of disguising messages. Here we tell you how the new Telegram feature works.

Telegram is likely to become the biggest WhatsApp competitor now. Even if the messenger has a questionable reputation due to the various groups, the developers behind it are working hard to provide the app with new functionality. Now WhatsApp competitors are working on an exciting feature that can completely hide messages.

how to Twitter It can be seen, there must be some kind of “spoiler protection” in Telegram. Senders can then set a message to be hidden by an animation. Only when the recipient presses the message will the censorship be lifted and the message will appear under it.

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Telegram: What does the new feature bring?

The new Telegram functionality is likely to be popular, especially in larger groups. If friends or acquaintances are talking about a new movie or interesting series, you can cover up the message. Only those who really want to see its content click on the message. However, it remains to be seen how everything will be hidden in the notifications of the smartphone app.

The new Telegram feature is currently still in development. How long it will take before the first beta version or even the final version is published is unknown. If there is a version, we will inform you about it here.

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