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Telegram is getting an anti-spoiler function

If you talk in groups with friends about the last movie, but you do not want to irritate other participants about hated spoilers, you can hide the text of the chat in the future. […]

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makers cable Provide the community with new jobs regularly. The messenger didn’t receive some innovation until the beginning of December to protect content, enable anonymous sending in public groups, manage connected devices, or delete messages by date. More on this in this Telegram blog post.

Anti-spoiler feature

It looks like an anti-spoiler function will be integrated soon, like the tech portal “Giga” mentioned. Users should be able to hide the text so that, in a group, they can talk about a new series or new movie, for example, but the rest are spared from unpopular spoilers. According to Giga, spoiled messages should be tagged as such when they are created.

You can see what it looks like in the tweet below. The functionality is currently in development, whether and when it will be activated for all platforms is currently unknown.

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