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WhatsApp Contest: Scammers Seduce Amazon Coupons - This is how to protect yourself

WhatsApp Contest: Scammers Seduce Amazon Coupons – This is how to protect yourself

WhatsApp users are currently reporting a contest sent via Messenger. According to this, many users of Friends get links to the competition, which mainly attract coupons from Amazon. How Mimica Reports, but something completely different is hiding behind. Because here it is here that neglectful WhatsApp users are lured into a trap.

If you click on the link, a wheel of fortune will appear that you have to rotate. Of course, this always ends up with a big win. For example, WhatsApp users should receive 200 € Amazon coupons. Then there is an issue that puts your WhatsApp data and contact data at risk.

Acknowledgment of serious competitions: Here’s what you should pay attention to

WhatsApp: a fake Amazon competition

Because you will then be required to forward the link to the alleged competition to either five group conversations or 20 friends. But even when this is done, there is still an obstacle. The application must be downloaded and opened on the smartphone for at least 30 seconds. Under no circumstances should you download this application.

What exactly the app does is unknown. It is conceivable that this collects data from your smartphone and sends it to the fraudsters. Data encryption with subsequent ransom demand would also be possible.

To protect yourself from such “sweepstakes”, you should never click on unknown links in WhatsApp. If a contest asks you to distribute a link that also contains a download, you do not have to follow the request. In this way, you not only protect yourself but also your WhatsApp contacts.

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