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WhatsApp gets emoji reactions to messages

After a long time from other messaging services, WhatsApp will soon be able to reply directly to messages with emojis. The company announced this in a blog post yesterday. This feature is intended to counteract the flow of messages in larger group chats.

It is one of the many innovations that WhatsApp wants to use to improve communication in larger group chats. Among other things, in the future group administrators will be able to delete irrelevant or problematic messages from the chat for all users, sharing of large files will be easier, and there will be voice calls for up to 32 users.

Several groups under one roof

There is also a feature called “Communities”. With them it will be possible to have different WhatsApp groups under one roof in one structure. This allows members to receive information sent to the broader community and to organize smaller discussion groups, each around their own topic.

For example, school administrators must be able to make information available to all parents, while small subgroups can exist under the umbrella of the “communities” function. WhatsApp confirms that these messages are also end-to-end encrypted.

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