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WhatsApp introduces a new feature for group chats

The WhatsApp messaging service introduces a new functionality for organizing chat groups. In the future, users will be able to create “communities” to which existing and new chat groups are subject, the company of the US Meta group announced today. According to WhatsApp, it also aims to use its app in schools, universities and businesses.

“Communities such as neighborhoods, school parents and businesses can now bring multiple groups together in one place to host group chats on WhatsApp,” the company said.

Members receive “information that is sent to the entire community and can start smaller discussion groups on their own topics.” Community admins can send messages to all members and control groups that are part of a Community.

WhatsApp also announced other innovations, including the ability to create polls in chats. Video calls can now be made with up to 32 participants, and up to 1024 users can join groups. New jobs should be available worldwide in the coming months.

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