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WhatsApp introduces a new function in Germany –

WhatsApp introduces a new function in Germany –

WhatsApp announced a new functionality called ‘Channels’ for the popular messenger in June and has also started a testing phase in the first countries. We don’t have this new functionality yet, which is now changing according to WhatsApp.

The new WhatsApp channels are now available worldwide and I checked them right away and they are also available online in Germany. You can find the new channels in the first tab below, which is now called “Current” (i.e. a place for stories).

The first channels will be suggested to you there and you can search for channels if you know a channel you would like to join. A channel is like a group where you can follow a specific person and see their new content.

Your name and phone number won’t be visible in case you’re worried about brands taking advantage. However, as a “normal” user you cannot currently create a channel, but according to WhatsApp, this should be possible in the future.

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