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When Solet saved the home chain at the last second

When Solet saved the home chain at the last second

the Salzburg Castle Carries: since now 38 home matches in the Bundesliga are we unbeaten, The last defeat dates back to December 2020! Series more than proud, which in our last duel with Lask It almost ended at the Red Bull Arena Omar Sollett He came into action as a late point rescuer.

The last minute was already on Runtime , And Linzer deep somehow tried to salvage their 1-0 lead over time. In the end, the ball ends up with someone who is usually more responsible for blocking goals than scoring. However, Omar Sollett was finally cold and got pregnant with his first The second competitive objective in our clothes home series It still stands to this day.

Here’s the scene from then again to enjoy in video:

this Sunday 16th April Let’s go 2:30 p.m Prove us on our turf again and continue to expand the series – but now with the full score! tickets For our main group duel with LASK, you can still secure yourselves online in our ticket shop:

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