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How does artificial intelligence learn?

How does artificial intelligence learn?

Performed as Frau ´fessor G. Petto: Sofie Pint © Brunader

Class 2c asked via chat on Wednesday after the Pinocchio AI premiere: “Very cool, but what does that have to do with Pinocchio?”

too much! Pinocchio reinterpreted the old classic fairy tale for the present, for the difficult subject of artificial intelligence (AI or AI).

Susan Schwab and Christine Harter created an interactive Netzbühne play at Linzer Landestheater with a vibrant (virtual) environment for people aged 10 and over: a computer PIN for self-learning passes through a normal school day, from ringing an alarm clock in the morning to counting homework In the first lesson, a small birthday party and dinner with my mother. The PIN exists through the camera (“eyes”) and is constantly faced with decisions: do you sit next to your math genius or your best friend at schoolwork? Defending a colleague or gossiping with others? The public votes in each case, and the decisions constitute the “personality” of the PIN.

Sophie Bennett accompanies Professor J. Peto as Head of Studies in an elegant and smart way, and sharing on the computer is fun. The piece is far from smooth stage, experience rather than perfect (among other things, there were technical issues with scale during the first try). It’s really cool how Netzbühne is trying things out and reaching a young audience in a smart and funny way.

Subtle punch line – intentional? PIN actions change the calculation of his luck, energy, etc. But who decides this classification? The person who does the programs. So the default “character” is just an image of the programmer?

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