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Why is Microsoft paying $76 million for a pumpkin farm?

Why is Microsoft paying $76 million for a pumpkin farm?

The data center comes instead of pumpkins

© Photo by Marius Ciucerlan on Unsplash

Microsoft Paid to a family from the US state wisconsin In total 76 Million dollars to 407 hectares of landwhich is one among others Pumpkin farm It includes. That reports the edge Quoted from a local newspaper Milwaukee Business Journal (paywall).

The tech group wants to be on site Pleasant mountain new Data Center A building of several buildings. In total Billion dollar The tech giant wants to invest. In the first step you should 200 job opportunities arise, but can even over time 460 job opportunities join.

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Foxconn was also interested

This is not the first time that the property has attracted the attention of technology companies. actually 2017 Apple suppliers wanted Foxconn Purchase of land as part of a huge factory project. However, as part of this deal, the family only got a good deal One third of the total Offered, which Microsoft is now paying for.

Foxconn is still moving into the region, but is constantly adjusting its plans. From a huge factory with around 13,000 new job opportunities Nothing happened. The Chinese company now produces in the state, but recently there has only been talk of 1,500 jobs.

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