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Wikifolio hero per..: Dirk Middendorf with Carpe Diem stock trading

Wikifolio hero per..: Dirk Middendorf with Carpe Diem stock trading

December 23, 2023, 860 characters

At, we now show the top 100 wikis, the top 0.5% of approximately 20,000 currently published, in collaboration with wikifolio – updated daily. In addition to our Wikifolia “Stockpicking Austria”, which is among the top 1%.

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BSN Podcast

Christian Drastl: Vienna Stock Exchange Chat

Vienna Stock Exchange Talk No. 553: AT&S, Kapsch, RBI, Strabag, Uniqa, fund for SMEs, €33,400 to FMA and Merry Christmas

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First Wikifolio Championship, avatar with MWA wrestlers

Stocks on the radar:Reserve Bank of India, Amaj, We were tempted, Vienna Airport, Eurotelesites AG, Warempex, Zumtobel, ATX, ATX Prime, ATX TR, ams-osram, Do & Share, AVN, Mortgage, Bawaj, Telekom Austria, Polytec Group, Frequencies, compound, Lenzing, Walford, Adecco Bank, California real estate, Capsh Traffic com, Austrian Post, Strabag, Uniqa, Fig, S Realty, R.W.E.

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Kostad is an Austrian family company specializing in tailor-made electric mobility solutions. The company offers products and services related to electric mobility in the areas of control cabinet construction, automation technology, cable assembly, electrical project planning and software. Costad has established fast charging stations for electric vehicles in several countries around the world.

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