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wikifolio Champion as of April 15th: Ralph Shearer with StrongHand

wikifolio Champion as of April 15th: Ralph Shearer with StrongHand


under In collaboration with wikifolio – updated daily – we now show the top 100 wiki pages, that’s 0.5% better than the nearly 20,000 posts currently. In addition, our wikifolio “Austria Stock Pick”, which is among the top 1%.

wikifolio Championship, avatar with MWA wrestlers

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Wiener Börse Plausch S2/08: Saris Red Alarm in Valneva, CPI indexed S Immo low, surprise at Semperit

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wikifolio 1st Championship, avatar with MWA wrestlers

Stocks on the radar:CA ImmoAnd Navigation PerrierAnd RosenbauerAnd WarimpexAnd MortgageAnd Polytech GroupAnd RUSSIGEXAnd AT&SAnd lenzingAnd ATXAnd ATX PrimeAnd ATX TRAnd complexAnd FACCAnd Environmental technology in southwestAnd ram traffic comAnd AndritzAnd Vienna AirportAnd SBOAnd UBMAnd Luggage compartment Oberbank AGAnd Telecom AustriaAnd BKS bank trunkAnd DaimlerAnd German PostAnd pumaAnd Delivery ChampionAnd RWEAnd qiagenAnd German Stock ExchangeAnd Ahler.

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Tabert Knauss
Knaus Tabbert AG is Europe’s leading recreational vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Jandelsbrunn, Lower Bavaria. Other locations are Mottgers, Hessen, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi in Hungary. The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since September 2020.

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