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wikifolio champion as of November 20: Richard Dobetsberger of FuTecUS

wikifolio Champion as of December 25th: Dirk Althaus with the innovators of cybersecurity


under We are now featuring in collaboration with wikifolio – updated daily – the top 100 wiki pages, that’s 0.5% better than the nearly 20,000 currently published. In addition, our wikifolio “Austria Stock Pick”, which is among the top 1%.

wikifolio Championship, avatar with MWA wrestlers

BSN . podcast

Podcasts for young investors of all ages

Wiener Börse Plausch #41: FMA advises against super scams, angry people at stock exchange, 300 Sag startup ban

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wikifolio 1st Championship, avatar with MWA wrestlers

Stocks on the radar:MoldAnd AgranaAnd faceAnd frequentAnd Telecom AustriaAnd CA ImmoAnd Austrian PostAnd pornographicAnd RUSSIGEXAnd BTV AGAnd DO & COAnd lenzingAnd smbertAnd UniqaAnd SBOAnd Polytech GroupAnd voestalpineAnd WeinerburgerAnd Navigation PerrierAnd Startup 300And compoundAnd Adiko . BankAnd ImofinansAnd S ImmoAnd German Stock ExchangeAnd HenkelAnd Porsche Automobile HoldingsAnd German PostAnd Airbus GroupAnd AllianzAnd Siemens Energy.

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kostad control engineering
Kostad is an Austrian family business that specializes in bespoke electric mobility solutions. The company provides products and services related to electrical mobility in the areas of switchgear construction, automation technology, cable assembly, electrical project planning and software. Costad has established fast charging stations for electric vehicles in several countries around the world.

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