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Will Beatrice Egli perform a new song on Giovanni Zarrella?

Soon Beatrice Egli will be presenting her own show on TV – “The Beatrice Egli Show” will premiere on April 23 on MDR and SWR. But before that, the charming Swiss woman was still a guest at the Hotel Giovanni Zarrella. The “Giovanni Zarrella Show” will be presented live on ZDF from Velodrom Berlin on April 9. Perhaps Beatrice Egli will perform a new song with Giovanni Zarella?

Soon, “The Beatrice Egli Show” will be shown for the first time!

Beatrice Egli has already successfully directed a number of TV shows in recent years, and the attractive and likable Swiss woman herself will soon be taking charge of hosting a show once again. “The Beatrice Egli Show” will always air simultaneously on SWR and MDR, and will premiere on April 23. Beatrice Egli will welcome Francine Jordi, Kirsten Ott, Erin Sher, Anna Karina Woichak, Stefan Murs, Ross Anthony, Paul Reeves, Art Garfunkel Jr., Tim Peters, Eric Philippi, Sven and Simino Rossi as guests.

Beatrice Egli as a guest in Giovanni Zarella!

next one Giovanni Zarella show Beatrice Egli is also on the guest list, the live show will be celebrated on April 9th ​​on ZDF and has an impressive and inflated guest list. Giovanni Zarrella will welcome not only Beatrice Egli to his live show, but also Andrea Berg, Marian Rosenberg, Might Kelly, Kirsten Ott, Roland Kaiser, David Garrett, Ronja Forcher, Howard Karpendale, Bernard Brink, Sacha, Mike Leon Grosch and Pietro Lombardi. Ramon Roselli, Andreas Gaballier, Georges Ezra, Michael Buble or Simino Rossi will guarantee you unforgettable moments. Many of these stars will bring a new single or album to Giovanni Zarrella. Perhaps Beatrice Egli will surprise her fans in Giovanni Zarella with a new song?

Since the victory of the DSDS in 2013, Beatrice Egli has been an integral part of the successful world and the popularity of the Swiss is also reflected in the stellar vote of SCHLAGERportal, where the beloved Swiss once again reached number one in March and was voted as the most popular star with 2,62,525 votes he became.

Star Voting Places March 2022

  • 1st place: Beatrice Egli 262,525 votes
  • Second place Michelle 162,508 votes
  • 3rd place Vanessa May 91,045 votes
  • 4th place Ramon Roselli 79,736 votes
  • Fifth place: Tina Anders 48,937 votes

Author: Schlagerportal