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Will Bethesda's Next Match After Elder Scrolls 6

Will Bethesda’s Next Match After Elder Scrolls 6

In an interview, Todd Howard talked about the following games from his Bethesda studio. According to Howard, “Fallout 5” will be developed after “Elder Scrolls 6”.

In a recent interview, Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed that his studio is already planning Fallout 5. However, the title is going to be some time yet. 2023 will appear first “Starfield” For Xbox and PC, The Elder Scrolls 6 follows. Only then will the team deal with a successor to “Fallout 4”.

Howard is also frustrated by the long wait

“Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and after that we’ll do Fallout 5, so our schedule has been pretty busy for a while. We also have a few other projects that we consider from time to time,” Howard said in the interview. About the new Fallout sequel: “Fallout is really part of our DNA here. We have from time to time with others [Entwicklern] They worked together – I can’t say what will happen. We already have a one-page Fallout 5 on what we plan to do with it.”

In the interview, Todd Howard said that work on Starfield began in late 2015. The Elder Scrolls final major game, “Skyrim”originally released in 2011. The second part is in pre-production, which means fans will have to wait a few more years for it to be released. “Sheikh Manuscripts 6” In fact, it had to be brought back because the team wanted to work on “Starfield” first.

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Howard noted that he was also frustrated by the length of time it takes for his favorite games to develop. “They take a while and I hope they come out quicker, I really do. We’re doing our best, but we want to. [die Spiele] As good as possible for everyone.”

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source: IGNAnd the Kotaku

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