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Will Charles abdicate?

Will Charles abdicate?

The royal arrangement is discussed. It is a matter of succession to the throne. The “Charles problem” was discussed at several secret meetings.

There is a rumble behind the walls of Buckingham Palace. According to informed sources, it was said that several secret meetings were held on the succession to the British throne. Isn’t Prince Charles in the mood for the throne?

Charles Trouble

According to insiders, representatives of the Queen, William and Kate were said to have attended both meetings. The phrase “Charles is a problem” is said to have been used several times in these conversations. The question now is whether Charles can abdicate in this way. Royal expert Ingrid Seward says: Charles will be king once the Queen dies. He said himself: ‘It’s not a job like a bus driver. This is what I was born for.

only one way

There’s only one way Charles can cross the line of succession, but it’s a huge risk. Charles is going to get an “incurable” disease. Then there will be an Act of Parliament and William can be declared heir. However, this is unlikely to happen. “You don’t mess with the British system,” says the royal expert. So the subject of the “Charles problem” and what was discussed at the secret meeting remain unknown for the time being.

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