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Win INZONE H5 gaming headset and Belkin cable on December 4

Win INZONE H5 gaming headset and Belkin cable on December 4

Sonx INZONE H5 wireless gaming headset

With their lightweight design and low lateral pressure, the INZONE H5 headphones are ideal for long gaming sessions. Advanced spatial reproduction fully immerses you and the microphone, ensuring you’re heard, and helping you on your path to victory.

Take advantage of audio technology

Gaming 2’s 360-degree spatial audio lets you hear the direction and distance your opponents are coming from, so you can strike back first and win more often. For more personal customization, you can adjust the sound individually in the INZONE Hub.

Light and soft for extended gaming fun

Soft nylon material ear pads, low pressure on the sides and soft headband pads evenly distribute the headphones’ light weight of 260 grams and make the INZONE H5 extremely comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Technology to filter your voice

The two-way microphone reduces unwanted noise, and AI-based noise reduction technology filters your voice from background noise, so you can communicate better with your fellow players and have a greater chance of winning.

BELKIN MIXIT CABLE (USB 2.0 Type-A, Micro USB, 2m)

Connects to any USB 2.0 port to charge mobile devices
Sync music and photos to and from your laptop in seconds
Compatible with most devices that have a micro USB port
Charge and sync at the same time

Connect the MIXIT↑ Micro USB/USB Sync/Charging Cable to your laptop to charge mobile devices as quickly as possible. With the MIXIT↑ sync/charge cable, you can also quickly and securely transfer music and photos to or from your smartphone or tablet.

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Cable components

USB Type A (1 x 4-pin connector): Plugs into a USB port on your computer or a charger for charging

Micro-USB Type B (1 x 5-pin connector): Connects to your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device