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The expansion brings back three class specializations and the popular endgame mode.

The expansion brings back three class specializations and the popular endgame mode.

All fans of “Path of Exile” can start the new expansion “Affliction” starting December 8th. The already action-packed Hack and Slay game just got even more comprehensive. In addition to three new Ascendancy classes and a number of new items, the popular game mode is also set to return after a period of absence.

what is the situation? Aside from Blizzard Entertainment’s best movie, “Diablo,” there is hardly any hack and slash that comes close to the popularity of “Path of Exile.” Naturally, many representatives of other species want to get a piece of the cake, and you can find out what these games are in our special article.

“Path of Exile” is known for its sheer complexity, which is largely due to the skill tree, and it also scores points for the fact that you’ve been able to hunt monsters for free since its release in 2013. The new “Affliction” expansion doesn’t change that.

The trailer gives a first impression:

Path of Exile: Affliction Official Trailer

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The new expansion, “Affliction,” will be released on Friday

What does the new expansion bring? Although the official successor to the main game will start closed beta on June 7, 2024, developer Grinding Gear Games does not skimp on making large-scale changes and expansions for the first part. In short, players can expect the following:

  • “Affliction League”: In this new endgame mode, players encounter a strange will that leads the heroes into what is called the “Virtual Dark Forest.” As is usual in this type of game, this new area is teeming with monsters. With the help of lights, the plague that keeps the Dark Forest under control can be combated.
  • Three New Class Specifications: In addition to the game’s extremely complex skill system, there are three additional step-up classes, which are essentially subclasses of your current main class. The three call themselves the Guardians of the Magi, the Mist Wizard, and the Primordial Finsterwald.
  • There will also be many new items, including over 15 completely new and unique items.
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Here’s what you can also expect: The return of “Ultimatum” could be a highlight for longtime players. The game mode, which was only available for a short time, between April and July 2021, will be permanently included in the main game from the release of the new expansion.

In “Ultimatum”, players meet a so-called “Trial Master”, who has valuable spoils on offer – provided they face his difficult tests. If you win the battle, the game gives you a choice: Do you secure the spoils or do everything you can to double your winnings if you win again? Overall, the game won’t lose any of its difficulty, and that goes for this as well as the previous expansions.

“Affliction” will again keep you busy for many hours. The expansion will be available for PC via Steam starting December 8th. Console players will have to be patient a little longer. You can start playing on Playstation and Xbox starting December 13th.

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