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Windows 11: Taskbar is still not moving - Reason

Windows 11: Taskbar is still not moving – Reason

Microsoft is shattering the dream of sliding out the taskbar in Windows 11. The reason given by the developers.

Unlike in Windows 10, the taskbar in Windows 11 can only be displayed in the lower area of ​​the desktop. It is not possible to move to another location on the desktop (for example, on the sides), which has long been criticized by Windows fans and demanding a change from Microsoft. Now there’s bad news: Windows 11 users won’t be allowed to change the taskbar’s position in the near future either. Several responsible Windows 11 developers have made this clear in a video

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In a chat with the Insider community, the developers of Windows 11 were asked if the taskbar will be animated in the future. Tali Roth, Microsoft’s chief product officer responsible for designing the Windows 11 interface, provides an answer to this question. I started by explaining that the taskbar in Windows 11 had been redesigned from the ground up and at the same time decided what features it would contain. The decision was also made that the taskbar in Windows 11 should only be displayed in the lower desktop area and should not be floating.

Floating taskbar is not a high priority

Explains Roth, “When it comes to moving the taskbar to different places on the screen, there are a number of challenges to overcome. Imagine that the taskbar is on the right or the left, and the effort involved in re-flowing and the work that all applications provide to make sense of this situation, is just enormous. “.

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Adding the scroll feature to the taskbar will not be a high priority for developers at the moment. For the following reason, as Roth points out:

“And if you look at the data, while we know there are a number of users who really like and appreciate it in this way, we also know that this group of users is very small compared to the group of people who are asking about other features, so for now we will focus on the things we are most concerned about. about it.”

After all, there is still some hope that the user’s desire will come true at some point. Because Roth also explains:

“That’s one of the things we’re still looking at, and we’ll continue to listen to feedback, but at the moment we don’t have a plan or a firm date in terms of when or whether we’ll build the side canister.”

Here’s the full video where Microsoft developers comment on the taskbar’s portability: