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Winter storm and hurricane series lead to shorter periods of heat with record values


December 14, 2021 – 3:15 pm Clock

From winter storms to hot hours

Hot hours and aftermath from a winter storm? In the United States, the current weather makes this possible. The heat wave also puts December temperature records at risk. The next winter storm with 25 degrees and hurricane force winds in December may be even higher before it is observed.

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The first winter storm and hurricane, now the summer heat in the United States

After the winter storm, summer heat prevails in the US Midwest.

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The United States continues to fight weather events. After severe storms in the Ohio Valley (Central America) and a major winter storm that caused ice sheets in the Midwest, there are now signs of a heat wave. Unusual heat spreads from Texas in the south to Minnesota in the north and through the Mississippi Valley in the east to the Ohio Valley. Southern Canada is also affected.

Then The devastating hurricane last weekend Weather calm is a relief, but temperatures are exceptional. Degrees are rising sharply, much higher than in December. The early autumn will feel like a return, as the temperature will drop for a few days in September or early October.

Forecast: Temperatures in the United States

The map shows how different the temperature is in the US this week.  With southern and eastern summer values, winter in the north and northwest is the opposite.

Serious temperature differences in the United States


December temperature records are at risk

This is caused by what is called a heat dome. This is a high pressure area that hangs over most of the continent and stays there for several days. The heat dome retains heat, thus ensuring a record break temperature at some point in the area below. It is comparable to a pot, which holds heat better with a lid. Temperature records for December can be broken several times.

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St. Louis (Missouri) has surpassed the 70-year-old record high of 25 degrees Celsius in early December and is likely to break the new record again in the coming days. Because 24 to 28 degrees is predicted again. The city of Chicago (Illinois) is also at risk of a December 25 degree record.

Storm and hurricane winds clear heat waves

Wind speed to the United States on Thursday

Behind the retreating high pressure area, the low pressure area with hurricane and hurricane force winds is speeding through the Central American states.


Where there has been snowfall for the past few days, the snow will melt in a short time. Temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees are expected in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin. It is still hot in the Gulf of Mexico. There may be a heat wave of about 30 degrees.

Unpredictable weather continues on Thursday as well. Then the storm is expected to blow. The high pressure area is moving northeast of the United States and Canada. This means a depression is advancing on the west coast and may bring with it the next winter storm. In Chicago, hurricane force winds or hurricanes can reach 80 to 120 km / h through the city. The updated climate change, along with the cold, will lead to snowfall in the states of Nevada, Utah and northern Arizona. So in the coming days the American weather will be unstable and exciting.

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