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Conference League: Individual review of the match Lech Poznan vs Austria Vienna - football

Conference League: Individual review of the match Lech Poznan vs Austria Vienna – football

Wiener Austria cannot reward itself for a brave performance in the second round of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

“Veilchen” is the better team in the first leg against Lech Poznan until the 65th minute, but it breaks up after 1:2 and loses in the end 1:4 (Match Report >>>).

Matthias Braunuder (29) is able to equalize the opening goal from Isaac (27), after which Manfred Fischer (36) misses a penalty kick. Skouras (64) finally put the hosts back on top, Velde (76, 90) made it all clear with two goals.

LAOLA1 It analyzes the performance of all Austrians and gives scores (1 = very good, 2 = good, 3 = satisfactory, 4 = sufficient, 5 = insufficient).

Christian Fruchtel – 90 min – 2nd grade

One of those players who can’t be counted on the big defeat. Germany’s new U21 goalkeeper was calm and delivered a fantastic shock shortly after the break. With all goals conceded, the 22-year-old had no chance.

Reinhold Ranftl – ​​90 minutes – Score: 4

In the first half, a lot went offensively to his right side, and also worked tirelessly. Defensively, but just like his teammates by no means, he made gross coordination mistakes over and over with Captain Muhl. He also let him really eat it before 1:3.

Lukas Muhl – 90 minutes – Score: 5

A pitch black evening for the captain. Here and there are good and important victories, but in general outweigh the cons. When his first goal was conceded, he attacked very aggressively, which did not work. Before 1:2 offside was called off, 1:4 occurred after an inadequate header clearing and a skewed shot.

Lucas Galvão – 90 minutes, yellow – score: 4

His suitability was reported in time before the match, but also an evening that used him at long stretches. Only a long pass forward before a tie is remembered favorably, otherwise a lot of inattention and coordination errors.

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Marvin Martins – until the 77th minute – fifth grade

Obviously, Luxemburger notes that he’s at home on the right-hand side. It is hardly present in the construction game, and also has no offensive effect. Eliminates offside by 0:1 and can’t keep up with Isaac. Too much slack in defensive play.

James Holland – until the 71st minute – fourth grade

Solve too many kilometers, thus keeping Brownuder’s back defensive. But he is at least responsible for the 0:1 formation when the Australian made a poor duel rather than closing the gap in the back four. He was replaced by Georg Teigl after the 71st minute.

Matthias Brunner – 90 minutes, yellow, goal – score: 1

By far the best Austrian tonight! Another strong talent test for the blond boy, who has been involved in almost every good offensive act of Violet. His performance culminated in a quick 1-1 draw, which was also his first European Cup goal.

Andreas Gruber – until the 77th minute, yellow – row: 2

After his dream goal at Hartburg, he entered the match with great self-confidence and took the lead in the 24th minute. A little later, Fitz got a penalty after his powerful attack, and Gruber also had a great opportunity to take the lead in the second half. But he had his problems against Douglas, who came on the break.

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Manfred Fischer – 90 minutes – Fourth degree

Mixed evening for ten. Work a lot as usual, keep the ball in play before 1:1 and keep an overview of Braunöder. But he could have kicked Fitz firmly because he prevented Fitz from taking the penalty. All in all an unlucky performance.

Aleksandar Djokic – Until the 60th minute – Fifth grade

The weakest link in the offensive quartet. The match actually bypassed the left winger, who often acted with youthful enthusiasm and lost the ball a lot in midfield, giving Posen opportunities to counterattack. He was replaced after 60 minutes of play by Manfred Schmid.

Dominic Fitz – Until the 71st minute – Score: 3

It was a little pale at first, then the creative spirit became more active. He took the penalty in the 35th minute with good anticipation, then wanted to take charge – but Fischer said no and missed, otherwise a mixed performance for the 23-year-old.

Hiskovic tissues – from the 60th minute – row 3

The colorless Jukic has been replaced and should provide some momentum. Here and there he showed his talent, but achieved little in general.

Can Keles – From the 71st minute – Row: Very short

He was brought in for the Fitz, but he remained completely pale and could no longer provide the much needed transformation.

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George Tiegel – From the 71st minute – Row: Too short

He should have caused a danger in Posner’s penalty area with his tackling power, but he didn’t work out.

Harris Tabakovic – From the 78th minute – Row: Very short

It was brought only as a final stage breaker, only for the powerful Gruber. It cannot attract attention.

Dario Kreker – From the 78th minute – Rating: Very short

He came to striker Martins in the latter stages and should provide dangerous crosses for Tabakovic with his left foot. However, this step did not work.

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