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With “Marlon” in Spring – Mavi Phoenix’s New Album – The Gap

With “Marlon” in Spring – Mavi Phoenix’s New Album – The Gap

“Marlon” is Mavi Phoenix’s debut album after the transition period. And boy, the smartest person to wear a mustache in Vienna that lasts a lifetime!

© Massa Stanik

The Voice, in between a New Year’s Eve party with the boys’ choir, Liam Gallagher at Nasseven and Ed Sheeran at Coachella, has veered into the underground garage. However, the former young man, the Prophet, the common man, does a little auto tuning. Even when he unpacks the guitar to play the pitch anthem off the strings, like “Leave.” After all, the guy did not forget about pop music.

Sunset syrup and chupa chups

His experiments with shades on Tinder made you feel like your gums are breaking even more. Hip-hop also doesn’t care about the ’90s, and like Just an Artist, it still sounds like an Ibiza sunset and a bunch of chupa chups. Meaning: “Marlon” returns winter from Cuba Cagrana. Spring sprout in Prater with log. You want vibes on the gschpian danube island – or in ‘Venice Beach’, where you feed your bluetooth box with ‘Pretty Life’, late in the evening dreaming of ‘Only God’ in neon glow. Or simply lie on the grass to get rid of the first sunburn of the year.

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Mavi Phoenix “Marlon” (Photo: Teresa Mondelova)

Marlon’s new album Mavi Phoenix, from February 25 on LLT Records. Current concert dates: March 31, Cologne (Germany), Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld – April 1, Munich (Germany), Amber – April 3, Stuttgart (Germany), Im Weizmann – April 5, Bielefeld (Germany), Stereo – April 6. Hanover (Germany), Faust – April 7, Hamburg (Germany), Uebel & Dangerous – April 8. Leipzig (Germany), Neumann – April 9, Berlin (Germany), Franz Klopp – April 14, Vienna, Arena – April 27, Salzburg, Rockhaus – April 28, Innsbruck, Triphaus – April 29, Graz, PPC – May 6, Crain (CH), Südpol Luzern – May 7, Basel (CH), Humbug.