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WLAN: Well protected on the Internet

WLAN: Well protected on the Internet

Nowadays even TVs ask for the WiFi password and the washing machine uses an app to let you know the lint filter is clogged. With the increasing number of connected devices, secure WiFi is essential. The devolo hardware manufacturer offers tips for added security.

One of the most effective tips is also one of the simplest: install security updates. Hardware used in the home should always be updated with the latest software – no matter if it is a peripheral device, an Internet router or a WLAN repeater. Well-known manufacturers publish free updates for download. These usually fix minor bugs or introduce new functionality. However, they also often patch security holes that potential attackers could exploit. So it is important to check regularly if the firmware is still updated. Most modern devices also provide the option to perform updates automatically. In terms of WiFi security, this is highly recommended.

Choose a secure access password
The password for the private WLAN should be as secure as possible. Since the password usually has to be entered only once per device, it is also recommended to choose a particularly secure and therefore complex password of 20 characters. Security does not have to be skimpy here, because this password grants access to the entire network. If you are afraid of forgetting the WiFi password, you can write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Speaking of passwords: At the same time, you must modify the standard passwords that are provided with many Internet routers and other network devices. After all, the administrator account of the router named “admin” with the password “1234” does not pose a particularly great challenge to attackers. If applicable, users should create a new administrator account with an individual username and password the first time it is used.

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Turn off unnecessary functions
Modern internet routers are quite comprehensive. If desired, they can be used, for example, as media servers that are also available when you are away from home. This is useful and good if this function is actively used. However, these features also allow attacks from the outside if left unused in a state of handover. So users should check which router functions they really need in everyday life – and turn off all others.

Set up WiFi guest
Additional protection of sensitive data is provided by special guest access with specified permissions. This ensures that both unwanted and unwanted guests cannot access certain data or devices. Guest WiFi should only be activated when there are already visitors in the house. Otherwise, it remains disabled and unavailable as a potential point of attack.

Pay attention to safety standards
The groundwork for WLAN security has already been laid when purchasing network hardware. This differs in the security standards adopted and encryption. Encryption methods “WEP” and “WPA” are now considered obsolete. Recommended devices must support current encryption standards WPA2 and WPA3 – as do many devolo products. This way, the home network remains protected by strong encryption, communication with compatible peripherals is simplified and external attacks are made more difficult.

Turn off the network
It sounds trivial – but data is safer when it’s inaccessible from the outside. WLAN security can also be increased by turning off the WLAN completely at night, for example. Depending on the device, this can be implemented using the timer functions – or simply by turning off the Internet router. With this method, the reduced energy consumption is an additional positive effect.

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The network experts at German devolo AG offer various solutions for creating a secure and high-performance home network. For example, devolo WiFi 6 Repeater 3000 and devolo WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 are perfect for small and medium-sized apartments. These WiFi repeaters extend the range of your existing wireless network. With high data rates, advanced network functionality, and simple one-button setup, they make not only movie nights but also everyday life more enjoyable. The devolo Magic Powerline product line is recommended for large apartments and townhouses and for amplifying the signal across floors. It consists of easy-to-use powerline adapters that simply plug into sockets and use an existing power line to communicate with each other. The advantage of this solution is obvious: walls and ceilings are no longer an obstacle, as the network runs over stable cables – without having to modify the network cables, which is time consuming and expensive.

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