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Xbox Game Pass vs. Playstation Now vs. EA Play und Uplay Plus

Xbox Game Pass vs. Playstation Now vs. EA Play und Uplay Plus

On Xbox Game Pass, you can also use game streaming in the Ultimate version so you can play games on the go with an internet connection.

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The 15 million subscribers currently get more than 350 games on Xbox Game Pass, which come from both Microsoft and Bethesda as well as from third-party studios like Rockstar Games, 2K Games and Co. All games developed by Microsoft in-house studios are also included in Xbox Game Pass when released. All games can be downloaded and installed locally. However, every time you start the game, an active internet connection is required so that Microsoft can check if you still have an active subscription. There are three different versions of Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass for Console only includes games that can be played on an Xbox console, while Xbox Game Pass for PC includes only PC games. The third option is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which already included two other versions. If you signed up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for €12.99 per month, you can also use Xbox Cloud Gaming as well as local install and stream custom games on Android, iPhone, and PC online.

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