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Starfield: Player numbers reach a new milestone

Starfield: Player numbers reach a new milestone

Starfield has turned out to be a hit and is attracting players in droves. The next milestone can now be officially announced.

Starfield has been available exclusively for PC and Xbox Series This is now reflected again in the number of players who, according to official information, have reached the next milestone.

As Bethesda confirms via the game’s official account on Starfield has previously won the title of the most successful game launch in Bethesda’s history.

You can immerse yourself in the space saga for countless hours and discover a lot. Bethesda overall is doing a lot of things right, as you can read about in our Starfield review.

Starfield has been officially available for PC and Xbox Series

Starfield – Trailer Decorations

The Accolades trailer summarizes some of the press reviews about Starfield.

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