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Xerxes as an eccentric collie

Xerxes as an eccentric collie

In the Landestheater Niederbayern’s latest production at the former Prince-Bishop Opera House in Passau, the main character of the Baroque opera “Xerxes” is seen not as a historical hero, but as an eccentric choleric person who causes all kinds of confusion with his family. Feelings and behavior. The grotesque and comedic elements dominate Swiss director Urs Haberli’s production. The story is set in the present and takes a turbulent course of love, jealousy, hatred and suspicion through the seven people who are mostly connected to each other. In keeping with the Baroque style, male roles previously played by castrati were now played by women. Sabine Nowak starred in the lead role, as did all the other leads – Sarah Lena Winterberg (Arsameni), Tiina Paentinen (Amaster), Henrik Henoch (Romilda), Emily Fultz (Atalanta), Hyun Choi (Ariodite) and Miroslav Stresjevic (Elviro) – made The performance is a dazzling theatrical experience with high-quality singing and compelling performances.

Italian guest conductor Fabio Cerrone made Handel’s music shine through transparent, elegant and lively sound images, while Marcel Zappa’s staging and costumes emphasized the character of modern comedy, which was well received by the audience.

Dates: December 29; 19/20.1. 2024

Written by Rudolf Lieske

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