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Xiaomi may have managed to pull off a big surprise

Xiaomi may have managed to pull off a big surprise

Xiaomi is likely to offer Android 14 as a final update to the first devices around the world very soon.

Xiaomi is already very far from developing its latest software and could create a big surprise this year. Some of the world’s leading smartphones will soon be updated with Android 14 – worldwide.

A few days ago, we reported on an initial rollout of the firmware that was almost completed for beta testers of the Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro and 12T. Recent errors are checked and removed if necessary. And Again There is confirmation that the new firmware for global models will be released “soon”.

Google sets the tone, but who follows it?

It now appears that Xiaomi will be the first manufacturer after Google Pixel to release Android 14 as an update. This year, Xiaomi could overtake Samsung, which will likely get an update including One UI 6 at the end of October.

Xiaomi is likely to initially offer Android 14 with MIUI 14, and the newer MIUI 15 is expected soon after that. By the way: Xiaomi has not yet published a timeline for Android 14, which will likely come soon.

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