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Zoom in like “CSI”: Google’s new function should now allow this

Zoom in like “CSI”: Google’s new function should now allow this

Google has unveiled an exciting new feature for Pixel phones. Will we soon be zooming in on our smartphones like in the show “CSI”?

Google has officially announced the Pixel 8 smartphone series and it includes a number of new features, according to reports.the edgeMost exciting is the Zoom Enhancement feature on the Pixel 8 Pro, which now enables what has been popular in films and series like “CSI” for years: the ability to remove blurry and pixelated images using the “Enhance!” command to zoom in. An increasingly precise image.

During the event, Google revealed what it called the Zoom Enhance feature. As the name suggests, it can be used to enhance the details of captured images using generative AI when zooming in on the image.

The Pixel 8 Pro Zoom Enhancement will likely also be available in offline mode

Google announced the new Pixel 8 smartphones a few days ago.

Image: Google

“When you zoom in on an image, Zoom Enhance can intelligently enhance and enhance the image’s details, allowing you to zoom in closer than ever before — even if you forget to zoom in,” Google’s Rick Osterloh explained on stage. This is possible because the Pixel 8 Pro is the first smartphone with an AI photo model on the device itself, which also suggests offline functionality.

Until now, options for improving image resolution have been very limited. Although there are indeed options for upscaling images, they are often difficult to use and have limited options. Zoom Enhance has the potential to make this feature more convenient and better than ever before.

How the function handles more complex people and tissues is not yet clear. For now, it will only be available after as-yet-unannounced feature drops and on the Pixel 8 Pro only. Google does not yet want to comment on the release date or specific technical details of the device and its functions. You can watch the introduction to the feature in the YouTube video at the bottom of this post (around minute 13).

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