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Xiaomi tests a solid battery, 33% more power

Xiaomi tests a solid battery, 33% more power

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has it Xiaomi 13 as a test with solid state battery installation. Unlike a lithium-ion battery, the electrodes and electrolyte are made of a solid material and are therefore more resistant.

Xiaomi is supposed to use it to charge the nominal charge of the cell phone 33 percent can increase. It was 4500 mAh on 6000 mAh The company increased Advertise on Weibo. the energy density According to the manufacturer 1,000 W/L.

Improve the discharge rate by 20 percent

According to Golem Xiaomi has encapsulated the positive electrode to make the battery more durable than lithium-ion batteries. In addition, it must be at temperatures 20 degrees Celsius below zero It has a better discharge rate. In concrete terms, they can handle a solid state battery 20 percent getting better.

The mobile phone with the new battery is only a trial model. Xiaomi 13 is sold with a standard lithium-ion battery.

Honor Silicon Carbon Battery

In general, the development of solid-state batteries in electronic devices requires further research. Because of the necessary miniaturization, they are rarely used in the field. However, many mobile phone manufacturers are trying new technologies.

Honor has a new one Silicon carbon battery Introduction, which should last longer. battery with Silicon and carbon anodes It should have a higher energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries with graphite anodes. Specifically, the arrangement12.8% be growing. Futurezone reported.

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