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Early April Fools’ Day?  – Xbox Series S is a “toaster” for about 60 euros

Early April Fools’ Day? – Xbox Series S is a “toaster” for about 60 euros

Who wouldn’t want an Xbox Series S toaster at home? Well, it looks like there will be an option to buy an Xbox toaster soon.


The smaller variant of the next generation Xbox console, it is xbox sAnd it looks like he’s ready to get a toaster. Now that the Xbox Series X has been repurposed as a refrigerator, you can dive right in White xbox toaster From where I do not know.

with the xbox s Microsoft has hit a nerve. Cheap 1080p console with 512GB of SSD storage. Enough for all Xbox Game Pass friends and lower high screen resolution requirements. In some areas, the S variant is already more successful than the Xbox One over its lifetime. When the latest console generations were released, the PS5 and Series X were hardly available, but the Series S managed to satisfy the hunger for new consoles most of the time.

Xbox Series S as a toaster

If you haven’t already got a white console that looks like it has a powerful black built-in speaker, you might soon be able to get a toaster that looks quite the same. The report on the Series S toaster comes from the French Twitter account “XboxSquadFr”. There are also images showing a home appliance that is said to be released this year for €60.

Consequently tweet There are also many other Xbox items due to arrive this year. This includes Xbox RGB mouse pads, Halo UNSC-style storage boxes, Series X pen holders, and more. If it’s not an early April Fool’s joke, this white toaster may be available on the Xbox Series S model soon. However, only in limited quantities.

While a toaster wouldn’t be necessary, also features a 14-inch Halo Force Sword. The lot is said to cost “only” $44.99. Very nice table lamp.



Aside from conquering the toaster and table lamp markets, Xbox still has work to do in terms of the Activision-Blizzard merger. At least Microsoft Gaming VP Phil Spencer He remains optimistic that the deal will go through. After all, the nearly $70 billion deal was announced over a year ago and has already revealed some details we never knew we had. So we now know about Sony’s plans for when the next PlayStation console will come out.

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