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Young Entrepreneurial Spirit: Students develop start-up ideas

Young Entrepreneurial Spirit: Students develop start-up ideas

Startups are on everyone’s lips. Small business success stories that make it big are familiar to many from TV formats like “2 Minutes, 2 Million” or “The Lion’s Den.” During the Youth Entrepreneurship Week at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, students at the hak:zwei Salzburg school came close to the dream of starting their own business.

Salzburg. If you want to build a successful company, practice early. students Hack: Two Salzburgs So it was in Youth Entrepreneurship Week A unique opportunity to show their creative entrepreneurial spirit. From 02/28/2023 to 03/03/2023 Students of 2BK and 4CK classes developed their own business ideas with the support of coaches and experts from the startup community.

It all starts with a problem

First, the students received valuable input from Sophie Gerlitz and Manuel Dorfer, who each founded their own companies with Brainzzz Kreativwerkstatt and solbytech and know exactly what’s important. Already at the beginning of the week it became clear: A successful start begins with a problem – With an everyday problem, as we all know it from our lives, that needs to be eradicated. In teams, the students went looking for problems that could be solved by a startup idea, as they envisioned potential target groupsformulated Points of sale – selling centers And I worked on a recent one visualization their thoughts. also financing models Funding opportunities were discussed.

Presentations to an external jury

resulting results Business ideas These are then presented by individual teams in the form of presentations before an external jury foot Become. Before that, there was training from Daniel Cronin, aka “The Pitch Professor,” who was able to give students important tips on what to look for when presenting their ideas. Finally, on the last day of Youth Entrepreneurship Week, before An outside jury – consists of Sophie Gerlitz from Brainzzz Kreativwerkstatt, startup coach Ernst Novak and Managing Director Thomas Gebhard from Dr. Nagler & Company – Presentations for emerging student ideas. In just two minutes The teams had to judge by their business model He convinces.

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Focused work on developing ideas.  |  Photo: Media: Hack

Applications as digital business ideas

The presentations were like the startup ideas themselves creative how diverseAn app to make it easier to find a parking space, an app to support people with eating disorders in their search for cooking inspiration, an all-in-one fitness app, a work platform app for students, a gaming app to support mindfulness and health, an event calendar app, a safety app on a drop theme Knockout and VR app to stop young people from smoking – these were the eight business ideas of the students, all of whose performances were brimming with enthusiasm from the enthusiastic jury.

Satisfied faces among 2BK students.  |  Photo: Media: Hack

For students, Youth Entrepreneurship Week 2023 A week full of creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm for action It’s over, but for some of them this might just be the beginning.

Grades 2BK and 4CK in front of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences on the Auerstein Campus.  |  Photo: Media: Hack