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CYTA’s “Junior Company Day”: From School to Entrepreneurship

CYTA’s “Junior Company Day”: From School to Entrepreneurship

In the CYTA shopping center in Vols, schoolchildren independently developed innovative business ideas.

The project is called Junior Corporation: Startup Program for Students » It aims to go through all stages of startup for one academic year. The software connects business to the school and provides the opportunity to make school lessons interactive! Students get a taste of entrepreneurship and learn economic knowledge as practically as possible. The curated work was accompanied by Magdalena Wasilewski Educational advice of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce.

Six companies

… presented their products. next to Ferrari School Innsbruck With four companies they were Hack Imst and the Hack Innsbruck Represent. The winning projects were rewarded with vouchers from WKO and EKZ CYTA.

start-up companies

*No drop (KO) from Ferrari School Innsbruck He would like to draw attention to the issue of KO drops. With their product, they provide protection for the drinks, which are integrated into the scrunchie (hairband) and can therefore be pulled quickly. Thanks to the “2-in-1 function”, protection is always at hand and the scrunchie is a great hair accessory. They also offer local seasonal syrups in their product range.

* “Fragrant Kiss” by HAK Imst She produces several room fragrances and soaps herself, and with the help of her pleasant fragrances (fruity, woody) and sustainably produced soaps (no synthetic ingredients, reusable bottles), they want to impress their customers.

* Scherzl Mit Herzl of the Ferrari School The company name also describes the products. They bring bread that was not sold in bakeries and turn it into delicious delicacies. These include bread rolls and other delicacies such as bread dumplings and Brüsli (bread and muesli). Your products are packed in biodegradable bags, beautifully marked with your logo.

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* “Magic Box” presented by HAK Innsbruck Gift boxes and themed surprises. The Junior Company works with “Zebra-Kiddies”.

* “Sorpr(e)sto” from the Innsbruck Ferrari School It serves delicious pesto spreads and sauces, all made with local and seasonal ingredients and love.

* “Boatbag” from the Innsbruck Ferrari School Custom tote bags and jewelry are made from used boat sails.

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