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Young Italian Cinema in Innsbruck – University of Innsbruck

Young Italian Cinema in Innsbruck – University of Innsbruck

Sabine Schrader (left), owner of the Gloria Paganini project (center), Nathalie Hess, Verena Huber and Irene Zaccaria, “translators” from Innsbruck, and their EUniverciné certificate.

More than 40 students and lecturers from Banja Luka (BA), Genoa, Perugia, Rome (I), Nantes (France) and Innsbruck discussed, translated and celebrated Italian cinema.

The final conference of the somewhat different Erasmus+ project took place in Innsbruck from 5 to 7 June 2024. European University Instead, the Innsbruck team created one specifically for her Tractor Advanced – After all, we shouldn't just talk about the movie! The days focused on two new films from Italy: the film that won the David di Donatello award three times in May 2024 Balazina love (2023, Michele Riondino), which was translated by students into French, German and Bosnian as part of the project and which contains a German translation by Innsbruck students Irene Zacharias (Institute for Translation Studies), Nathalie Hesse and Verena Huber (both Institute of Romantic Studies) at Leokino Sold. Secondly which of European university– Jury Prize-winning film Straneza d'Amore (2023, Giuseppe Fiorello) – also in a sold-out house and in the presence of actor Gabriele Pizzoro, who then tasted Tyrolean cuisine with the students.

Young Italian Cinema in Innsbruck – University of Innsbruck

the European University– Judging panel with Gabriele Pizzorro (top centre).

The event opened with a research day. Parole, both of them and others Italian cinemaWhich started from the films mentioned above and had two main axes – meaning canzone italiana and the organization of work in current Italian cinema. In addition, Vera Arma (Rome) gave a workshop on audio description, and students presented the ingenuity and difficulties of translation in the respective target languages ​​and discussed filmmaking in a master class with director Giuseppe Fiorello and actor Gabriele Pizzoro. In one table tour The festival organizers were Gloria Paganini (“Festival de Cinéma Univerciné Italia”, Nantes) and Tiziana Forino (director of “Voci nell'ombra”, Savona).) So do movie producers Andreas Gumpenburger (Lenskip, Innsbruck) and Matthias Ketch (Albolina Film, Posen) presented their work on the film. The event was moderated by Antonella Arseni (Posen), who was also able to give the audience an insight into IFFI. After these exciting days, there was nothing to stop the six universities from continuing the project for three more years. European university We strive and perhaps try to create a joint film with the Erasmus Mundus Program and the Master's Program in Translation.

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(Sabine Schrader)