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YOUTUBE Trending Show “Fully Charged” Recognizes MOMENTUM DYNAMICS WIRELESS EV Charging as “Earth Shattering and Earth Breaking”

Malvern, PA /PRNewswire/ Host and electric vehicle expert Jack Scarlett: ‘I have a feeling I’m looking at something that will play a big role in our lives for years to come’

The electric car experts behind the popular online show fully charged caught their attention Momentum dynamics and its wireless charging system, referring to it with the phrase “Leading electric vehicle technology. With over 875,000 subscribers, Fully Charged is one of the most popular online shows covering the latest electric vehicle technology from around the world.

The effects of this technology will amaze youPresenter and electric car expert Jack Scarlett told viewers after seeing Momentum’s wireless capabilities in action on the streets of Oslo, Norway.“This EV technology has been underestimated.”

Follow Scarlett: He writes in his presentation blogEvery now and then, I get a glimpse into the future. That is, a product or technology that is so impressive, so ground-breaking, so meaningful that I feel like I am looking at something that will play a major role in our lives for years to come. I got that feeling when Momentum Dynamics showed me the wirelessly rechargeable Jaguar I-Pace.

In this post, John Holland, Director of European Markets at Momentum Dynamics, shows an Oslo-based Jaguar I-Pace wireless charger taxi driving over one of Momentum’s wireless charging stations. The car started charging more than 50 kW within 3 seconds after stopping at the charging station; That’s less time than it takes to buckle up and open the door. With inductive charging, the driver does not have to leave the car – an important safety feature not available with manual charging using plug-ins.

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The effect of this technology is incredibleScarlett tells viewers.You can drive this car all day without noticing the charge. Recharging only happens opportunistically when you need it. This means you can equip these vehicles with much smaller batteries, making them cheaper, greener, lighter and better to drive. It’s unbelievable. “

The producers of Fully Charged conducted a test to see if the I-Pace Taxi could receive powerful wireless charging through a thick block of ice to simulate conditions typically found in cold northern climates. The test was successful, the car immediately accepted the charge with the same high performance as before the introduction of the ice block.

Scarlett noted that the traditional chargers next door were “eye-dirty”. His co-host agreed that the wireless chargers are an interesting visual improvement over additional chargers. “In larger cities, this saves the space you would need for larger charging stations. You can just put these mats on the ground.

In addition to the Oslo project, Momentum recently announced Exclusive partnership with Volvo Cars in Sweden That a fleet of taxis there are also equipped with wireless charging options.

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