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Hood: Outlaws & Legends (Action-Adventure) von Focus Home Interactive

1.3 update is coming; PvE mode and planned hardcore robbery

The Developer From Hood: Outlaws and Myths They posted a video in which they talked about the game’s current state and mentioned upcoming improvements and content (see below).

First of all, Andrew Willans (game director; Sumo Newcastle) is talking about update 1.3, which is due to appear next Monday. This update aims to fix a bug, fix the bug by using the “black screen” at the start of the match, increase the sensitivity of the controller, and improve the match system. Then he takes up some community questions (assassinations, maximum frame rate on PC, reporting) and says that the new “mountain” map should be operational in mid-June 2021.

The game manager also revealed that two more game modes will be under development. PvE mode will be implemented, where you will only fight together against computer opponents in medieval robberies (previously two teams were competing against each other; PvPvE). Therefore the player versus player component is omitted in this variant. In addition, some new ideas and mechanisms for collaborative hidden work will be incorporated. You will also get Gold and XP points in PvE mode. In addition, a draconian version of the current burglary mode is being implemented, which should be more difficult (for example, limited repost and less UI information). Both the PvE mode and the Hardcore version will be released for free soon.

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