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.4 Million: Americans Shocked by Traffic Tickets

$1.4 Million: Americans Shocked by Traffic Tickets

A motorist in the US state of Georgia got a nasty surprise when the police flashed him for speeding.

Instead of the permitted 55 miles per hour, he traveled 90 miles (145 kilometers per hour) in early September.

When the penalty came, he was almost as shocked as the local broadcaster WSAV Report: He overpaid by $1.4 million (€1.33 million).

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Not a typo

The man suspected a typo and called the authorities. But, it said, he has to pay the amount or appear before the court on December 21. Lawyer Chine Patel Fines in Georgia don’t actually exceed $1,000 (950.21 euros), he told the station.

The station then contacted the Savannah city administration. “The amount mentioned in the electronic summons is a reservation, not a penalty,” he replied. The latter will be determined solely by the judge at the court date.

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Anyone who breaks the speed limit by 35 miles per hour or more must appear in court.

The system automatically added $999,999.99 plus administrative fees as a reserve. In fact, the maximum fine is $1,000.

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