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Toskozil attacked the Burgenlanders in America

Toskozil attacked the Burgenlanders in America


State Governor Hans-Peter Toskozil (SPÖ) traveled to the US on Monday. Along with members of the state government, Toskosil is touring the US and Canada till October 24. In North America, the delegation meets with expatriate Burgenlanders and their descendants.

There are an estimated 16,000 Burgenlanders living in North and South America, or direct descendants of people who settled in the 19th and early 20th centuries, mostly for economic reasons, according to the country’s report. To this day there is a strong connection with people who emigrated from Burgenland and their descendants. Burgenland’s 100th anniversary celebrations show the same, said Hans-Peter Toskozil.

Bgl. State Govt

State Councilor Leonhard Schneemann, State Governor Hans Peter Toskosil (both SPÖ), Julia Toskosil, State Parliamentarian Verena Dünst (SPÖ), as well as Klaus Kerger and Erwin Weinhofer from the Burgenland community.

Comprehensive program

The state governor is accompanied by state councilors Leonhard Schneemann and Verena Dunst and two board members of the Burgenland community, Klaus Gerger and Erwin Weinhofer. Stays are planned in Toronto, Chicago, Allentown and New York. A highlight will be the “Katharinen Paul”, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the “First Burgenländer Austria SC New York” – the community that existed until Burgenland. The purpose of the visit is also to… The state governor emphasizes that we are opening a new chapter in maintaining relations with the Burgenland community. The trip took place for the first time in 1971 on the anniversary of “50 years of Burgenland”.

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