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1 against Mexico on deciding day

1 against Mexico on deciding day

After the first day of the match, everything was completely open in the Multiversum Schwechat in Lower Austria.

The Austria women’s national team was able to maintain a good chance of winning the Billie Jean King Trophy at the Multiversum Schwechat after the first day of the match against Mexico. Tamira Paszek initially lost in the opening match of the playoff for a place in the preliminary round of the final tournament 2024. The Lady of Vorarlberg (WTA 388) lost to the number one guest, Fernanda Contreras Gomez (WTA 355), after 1:54 hours of resistance with 2: 6, 5:7. However, Senja Krause then tied for the ÖTV women. Vienna (WTA 192) beat world-class doubles player Juliana Olmos, who is no longer ranked on the WTA in singles, 7:5, 6:2 after 1:16 hours of play. The team of ÖTV Billie Jean King Cup captain and sporting coordinator Marion Maruska heads into Sunday’s second round with a 1-1 draw (from 1:00pm live on ORF SPORT+ or on ÖTV TV). In the third singles there will be a singles duel between Kraus and Contreras Gomez. Paszek then plays against Olmos as planned. Melanie Klaffner and Kraus were provisionally nominated for the final doubles match against Contreras Gomez and Olmos. However, the lineup can still be changed at short notice.

About 500 fans came to the Multiversum Schwechat Stadium for the third match between Austria and Mexico after 1973 (3-0 defeat in Germany) and 1989 (2-1 win in Japan). Among them are many celebrities such as Udo Landbauer, MA (Deputy LH of Lower Austria and State Sports Councilor), Christoph Hennis (Head of Department and Head of Sponsorship and Projects of the Lower Austria State Sports), Christian Habison (Deputy Mayor of Schwechat Municipality), Irene Formann (Director ÖFB women’s national team team), former Davis Cup players Clemens Tremmel (Managing Director of Bundes-Sport GmbH, former ÖTV Sports Director) and Alexander Pia (co-commentator on ORF SPORT+, which broadcasts all matches live), Austria’s number one player Currently injured are Julia Graber, former ÖTV Fed Cup players Barbara Schitt-Egel, Barbara Schwarz, Patricia Vartosz, Sibylle Bammer, Petra Huber-Witter, Maja Kirschbaum, Sabine Berniger, Maria Pichler, Evelyn Voth and Pia König and NÖTV president Petra Schwarz. From the Austrian Tennis Federation are, among others, Martin Unneberg (President), Georg Blumauer (Vice-President), Stefanie Bonner (Vice-President), Jürgen Melzer (Davis Cup Captain and Sports Director), as well as Thomas Schweda (Business Director) and Petra Rösiger. (Head trainer. Workshops).

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More information to follow.

Billie Jean King Cup 2023, Playoff in Multiversum Schwechat:

Austria – Mexico 1:1
Tamira Paszek – Fernanda Contreras Gomez 2:6, 5:7
Sinja Krause – Juliana Olmos 7:5, 6:2
Senja Krause – Fernanda Contreras Gomez
Tamera Paszek – Juliana Olmos
Melanie Klaffner/Singa Krause – Fernanda Contreras Gomez/Juliana Olmos

The rest of the program for the Billie Jean King Cup Austria Mexico

Sunday, November 12 at 1 pm: The start of the second round (from 1:00 pm live on ORF SPORT+ and on