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Gran Turismo 7 – Ferrari Vision GT revealed and playable soon

Gran Turismo 7 – Ferrari Vision GT revealed and playable soon

to finish Gran Turismo World Finals Ferrari has finally revealed its Vision GT concept car. The cult brand represents racing like no other, and with the Vision GT they are introducing a possible concept for the future.

Incidentally the first show Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi commented:

“We started the Vision GT project 9 years ago and we finally have a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. We’re already looking forward to it. It’s been several years since I went to Maranello to meet Manzoni. The dream is now coming true and it’s a very exciting moment for us.”

Gran Turismo 7 – Ferrari Vision GT

Ferrari started working on the Vision GT Car over two years ago. Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari, adds:

“It’s very important for me and for Ferrari because it anticipates the future of the brand. The idea was to envision what form the supercar would take in the future. It wasn’t easy. It was a project involving all Ferrari departments, particularly aerodynamics and engineering that defined the concept of this car “.

The approach followed a concept that sounds like a contradiction, but is not. They wanted to create something subtle and sharp, but they also wanted to incorporate organic elements. This contrast makes the Vision GT Car something very special at Ferrari.

“We wanted a kind of seamless effect between the inner and outer surfaces to create an organic object where art and science merged together,” Manzoni continues.

For the interior, the steering wheel is inspired by a video game, which you use to steer the car like a game controller. The steering wheel itself does not have a mechanical linkage, and instead uses steering-by-wire technology that generates its own force feedback to the driver, compared to today’s racing wheels.

Gran Turismo 7 - Ferrari Vision GT
Gran Turismo 7 – Ferrari Vision GT

From December 15th, those who have completed the Gran Turismo World Finals viewer campaign will have access to the Ferrari Vision GT. Others can make their rounds in it from December 23rd.