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Snowboarder geht über einen verschneiten Grat - Screenshot aus "La Forteresse"

2022 season –

The season for outdoor sports and movies is in full swing. Freestyle biking, climbing, mountain biking, and plenty of other adventures can be seen in cinemas this fall. An overview of the best outdoor sports and film festivals in the coming months.

to Simon Philbel

Freeride Film Festival, November 4-17

who – which Freeride Film Festival It is one of the highlights of the season, not only because the best indie films come to the big screen, but also because its protagonists, i.e. athletes and filmmakers, go on tour with them. The festival’s roots are still in Austria, but it has become very international, both in terms of films and venues. What hurts a little is that the proportion of women is very low this year.

This time there are five films to watch, which not only show beautiful visuals, but also cover all moods in freedom, from adrenaline and pure joy to fear and sadness – and some scenes are just “rough dumb”, as in Bavaria. Say. And it’s also the Bavarian who is likely to be laughing at his side this time: Bernard Brown, who in “Sinner Fields” in pseudo-English laments his spoiled season, which was nonetheless so successful.

Another highlight is Elias Elhart’s “Hidden Land”, in which free-lance legend Xavier de Le Roux deals with the dangers of free flight. Both have experienced tragic avalanche incidents.

This year’s Freeride Film Festival started at Kaprun Castle, on November 10 he will be a guest at Wolfort and then, after touring Switzerland and Germany, he will also arrive in Vienna on November 17. After the official tour with the athletes, you will also be this year Additional appointments In the FFF Cinema Edition, where films in Salzburg, Wales and Wales can also be seen.

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European Outdoor Cinema Tour, November 13th to January 26th

The European Outdoor Film Tour paved the way for many other outdoor film festivals. It’s been in business for a long time and offers many shots from an extensive sports roster, and this time there are eight movies: Flying high, kayaking, mountain biking in Africa, Arctic sailing, climbing under a bridge on the highway, and you mustn’t. do it. is also missing.

Mountain Film Graz, November 15-19

who – which Mountain Film Festival in Graz Available again this year in the usual large format. 119 blockbuster films will be shown in four competing categories.

The festival programme, very diverse as always, includes classic documentaries about mountains and nature as well as films for free skiing and climbing. Almost all mountain sports are covered. As always, you are spoiled for choice at Mountainfilm Graz. You can certainly look forward to “The 24 Hours Journey,” the festival’s version of Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher’s climbing project on the toughest tour of the infamous Eiger North Face as well as the image of climbing star Adam Ondra in “Adam Ondra: Pushing the Frontier.”

Jan Semanek

Freeride Filmbase, November 11 and 12, Innsbruck

Here you can watch new films from the “world capital of freeride” – Innsbruck – according to the announcement of Freeride Filmbase, which takes place in the Innsbruck Metropol Cinema, where locals live on stage.

Freeride veteran Flo Orly has made ten films with Christophe Schauweger, including the one already shown here. “Surrealism” Plus “Auffe Umme Owe – Take Your Turn” with figure skater Manuela Mandel.

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Movie evenings are included in the multimedia presentation by the association “Snow how” On awareness of the avalanche.

Freeride Nights Innsbruck, from November 1 until the end of winter

The Freeride Nights Innsbruck It is a large gathering of the Freeride community in Innsbruck. Spending an intimate evening together is the motto of all the free runners throughout Innsbruck, awarding the best self-produced clips of the local scene, whether by aspiring amateurs or professionals. The categories are given the best clip, best trick, most creative streak, heaviest smash and most fun action. The place is Mustache in Innsbruck. The first free night will take place on November 1st, and will run on a monthly basis.

Behind the screens is a photo from the collection of Freeride Nights Innsbruck

Flo Gasner

Mountain Film Festival Salzburg, November 9-20

who – which Salzburg Mountain Film Festival It is known for its great shots of sports and life in the mountains, in as many aspects as possible. From 9 to 20 November at the Salzburg Center for Film Culture DAS KINO.

There are 23 new films on the program this time around, as well as ten first-class guests in the Film & Talk series and four keynote lectures: by mission photographer Stefan Voitl, Ski Tourist المعلم Günther Schmodlach, mountain bike specialist Harald Philip and alpine climber Peter Wargwater.

“Mountaineer” He is one of the popular productions on the show, with Uhl’s “Spirit” This time they even made it to the Mountain Film Festival with a music video.

Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone on rocks and ice

Poly film


Mountains on stage, the winter version of the Winter Festival, November 30

who – which Mountain festival on stage It was created in France in 2013. This fall, there is a cinematic tour of the large halls of Cineplex. There are four films in the program, about climbing, free climbing and climbing. In full size, you have to write on it as a predicate.

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