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3 x 2 tickets for “The Lion King”

For the first time in this concert, the impressive soundtrack of the German-language film has been combined with the gripping songs of the musical world of the same name and staged with great video impressions.

The Oscar-winning soundtrack by film music legend Hans Zimmer shaped the worldwide hit of The Lion King animation 27 years ago: African rhythms and sounds paired with mega epic melodies. Add to that the poignant Sir Elton John songs “Hakuna Matata”, “Circle of Life” and “Do You Feel the Love Tonight”. Entire generations associate as many personal feelings and memories with any other movie soundtrack as with Disney’s The Lion King.

The story of lion cub Simba, who searches for his place in the eternal cycle of life and overcomes all dangers and adversity with the power of friendship, tells an ancient infrastructure that fascinates generations. The worldwide success of the play, based on the movie and expanded to include a plethora of new songs, has led to untold streak on coveted tickets.

Additional compositions, which perfectly fit into the hits of famous films, have retained their charm to this day, 20 years after the premiere. The 80 performers, soloists, choirs and orchestras from the Symphony Film Festival, conducted by Stephen Ellery of London, have been delighting audiences for years with their performances of films from “Game of Thrones”, “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”. The group is known for its powerful, emotional, true-to-original soundtrack that allows viewers to immerse themselves directly in the film’s various subject scenes.

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