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Princess Charlene shares good times with Albert

Princess Charlene shares good times with Albert

Memories of happy times

Princess Charlene’s official Instagram account has also been closely scrutinized. However, official birthday wishes for her husband were searched unsuccessfully. For this, Charlene’s “Fondation Princesse Charlène” congratulated Prince Albert with photos of the princely family from carefree times in a story that can be accessed for a limited time on Instagram. The recordings show Albert, his wife, and his twin in a private setting against the backdrop of the setting sun. In one of the photos, Charlene is visibly happy and relaxed smiling in front of the camera.

The organization wrote – and linked to Charlene’s official Instagram account: “The Foundation of Princess Charlene of Monaco wishes a happy birthday to His Highness Prince Albert, Prince of Monaco, II.”

The published photos can be interpreted as an indirect denial of the circulating separation rumors. The Palace first released the family footage in 2020 to celebrate Charlene and Albert’s ninth wedding anniversary. This was the last wedding anniversary the couple spent together. Last year, Albert and Charlene celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary separately as the princess was stuck in South Africa with health issues.

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