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A bit annoying: theaters have to play before summer

A bit annoying: theaters have to play before summer

Vienna’s theaters were closed for six months. Then they performed two plays by Thomas Bernhard on the same day: “Die Jagdgesellschaft” premiering on May 26 at the Academic Theater – and Kai Voges shows his old production of “Abbey Theatermacher” brought from Dortmund at the Folkstaiter Theater. Thomas Bernhard would definitely love it – to Saada.

And he would make fun of himself. About Burgtheater. Of course, the decision to install the air-conditioning system does not come until one year after it is realized that aerosols are responsible for the spread of the virus. So the main building on the ring will remain closed – until September. After all, holidays in the theater until the end of August are vested rights.

The Burgtheater has at least managed to keep the first possible date for the reopening, May 19. At the Academy Theater – with the premiere of the movie “Miss Julie”. On the same day, the world premiere of “The Odyssey” (concept, songs, songs, direction, theater and costumes: Jakob Engel & Jan Philipp Stange) will take place at Schauspielhaus.

Pre-listed the first show

Theater also began in Der Josefstadt – with a “preview” (several months after the planned premiere) of “Der Bockerer” with Johannes Kreich. Other pieces that will not be performed before summer, but will only be performed in advance, include the non-world premiere of “City of the Blind” and the dramatic representation of Schnitzler’s novel “The Road to Freedom”. In Kammerspiele there are – according to the APA – “insights” on “The Parisian Woman” and “The Three Pence Opéra”. Actual First Performances should not take place until fall.

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Most other homes allow more waking time. Vereinigte Bühnen Wien will not start until May 26 in Ronacher with the ‘Cats’ resuming. And you only play for a month – until June 27th. Then the “summer vacation” she deserves begins.

Kai Voges, the new director of the Falksteiner Theater, has no desire to pressure himself. He has just started production on May 26th with the production of “Der Theatremacher” (Costumes from his wife Mona Ulrich). On June 2, he showed his old production of Samuel Beckett’s “Endspiel”, brought from Dortmund (the costumes from his wife, Mona Ulrich). In between, on May 28, he will present – as the only new production – his theatrical release of Ernst Gandel’s film “Der Raum”. Fashion does not come from his wife, Mona Ulrich, because there is nothing in this “magnificent ode to lighting technicians and sound engineers”.

Only seven theater evenings with the audience are on the show at Volkstheater until the summer vacation they deserve. Because the season is already over on June 6, after less than two weeks. Because the house will then be used as a venue by Wiener Festwochen. But it could have played for two weeks longer: Wiener Festwochen didn’t rent the highly subsidized Volkstheater Theater until June 21. No side-stage program (Rote Bar, Hundsturm, darkroom) or Volkstheater theater has been announced in the provinces. There might not be any.