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"Goodbye Germany" stars Manu and Connie Riemann: A new photo of Charlie's grandson - and it couldn't be more beautiful.

“Goodbye Germany” stars Manu and Connie Riemann: A new photo of Charlie’s grandson – and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

Manu and Connie Rayman, a “Goodbye Germany” immigrant couple, have star status. Now the grandson is following suit, fanning up on Instagram!

Manu (52) and Equestrian Riemann (65) Immigrated from Germany to Texas, USA in 2004. Since her appearance in the documentary seriesGoodbye Germany! Immigrants“(VOX) the two have become an integral part of the German television scene. Today the Riemans live in paradise of Oahu, Hawaii. Their daughter Janina (33) has moved to Portland instead. There she lives happily with her husband Coleman and son Charlie. And Connie Riemann, Charlie is already their third grandchild whose son Jason (31 years old) made them happy with their two grandsons. Kellan (6) and Oliver (3).

The new photo in the video above proves how adorable grandson Charlie is!

The Reimann family from “Goodbye Germany” appreciates the family’s time together

Since Charlie was born in the spring of 2019, the proud mom has been posting sweet sugar pics on her Instagram channel. She recently delighted her followers with a shot of Charlie’s first ice cream! Riemann’s grandparents must have been amazed! Via long distance Unfortunately, after a trip that took about six hours, grandparents and grandchildren wouldn’t be able to see each other very often either. The shared moments that Manu captures with the camera are the most beautiful.

Grandma Manu shines in competition with Charlie! You can find the heartbreaking photos in the next video.

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